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What Happened to Critical Thinking?

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Most People Don't Even Know Who The President Is Right Now.

What do you think?

A) Trump

B) I'm not sure?

C) Biden

I don't want to know the answer. I know who the President is.

If you think you know, don't answer so quickly. Don't even whisper it to yourself.

There are two acceptable answers here. The correct one OR "I'm not sure." Why is that? Because at least "I'm not sure" shows that a person is somewhat paying attention, they are starting to wake up and likely have a few questions. They might even be a bit confused, but they are either looking for answers to their questions or hoping someone they know will explain it all to them. I commend these people because they are giving a very basic question some real thought!

Ask yourself how you came to such a conclusion? Was it from the news? Social Media? A celebrity? *cringe* If so, you might want to do more research, not using any of the aforementioned sources. The people you see on the nightly news have handlers telling them (in their earpiece) what they are to say to you. Pretty much all channels will try to be in line with what the others are saying. That is because they are on a mission to have you accept what they are saying. If they say it enough, they know that most people won't question it. (A very dangerous choice). Your job as a human being is to not just accept whatever they say.

Have you noticed that when anyone tries to share any sort of facts or truth, evidence, etc...their immediate response is to shut the person down, discredit them, insult them, raise their voice, say it is false or the information has been debunked? Debunked by whom? -A fact checking firm in China? That is the VERY moment when you need to take whatever they are saying as false and start looking into it yourself. It is not their job to tell you the truth or share facts with you. It is their job to tell you what they want you to know, nothing more. As said in a previous blog I wrote years ago, "Journalism Used to Be a Noble Profession." USED TO BE. There are a few honest, credible people in journalism. But you won't find them via MSM...Those people are script readers. A few of them you think you are watching aren't even there anymore. Gone. Poof!

I get it...People are working, they have families and responsibilities, they are busy and they are tired! They want to come home, eat dinner, sit down in their recliner or lay in bed, and have someone help catch them up on the latest info and day's events. At the same time, I am afraid when people don't know who our President is. They seriously scare the shit out of me. Am I supposed to give the my friendship, my business, trust them with my life or health, or have them profit from me in some way, when they don't know who is leading our country? This is a valid concern of mine and something I take very seriously.

It is up to us to seek out our own information. When people ask me for a source or a link, I always give them the same answer. Be your own source. If I found the information, so can you. I am not saying this because I don't care. I actually care very much. But people expecting to be spoon fed information lose their own critical thinking skills. (Use it or lose it). This is why most don't know who the President is right now or have a clue about what is going on in our country. For example, did you know that DC is not part of the U.S.? Are you aware that it is a bankrupt, foreign entity? If you figured this out, welcome to the light. We have cookies here.

Seek the truth or bury your head in the sand.

Both require digging!

If you are looking around saying "something isn't right" you would be correct. That's because everything has changed. (And even MORE change is coming). Some of those changes will be very good ones, but we all had to go through a rough patch in order to get there. It will be up to the powers that be to explain all of that. Everything that you thought to be a certain way, was not. This is what happens when we don't pay attention. When we don't pay attention, we tend to take things for granted at the same time. Things like basic freedoms of thought or speech.

I don't ask about anyone's political affiliation, but here is what I will tell you...No matter how you vote or what you believe, you have been lied to your whole life. We all have. We have been lied to about our history, our money & banking, various charities & organizations, famous or well known people we believed to be good/normal/alive, etc...We are about to see very specific people become synonymous with things like staging public hoaxes, promoting false information and violence, treason, alliances with the CCP, crimes against humanity, human trafficking, organ harvesting, cannibalism, Satanic worship, and the rape and torture of children and babies. Do I have your attention now?

The MSM outlet you relied on for info. knew about all of it all along. Many of them were a part of it! Given that they knew all of this and intentionally hid it from you, do you honestly believe you can rely on them for your daily updates? It is their job to make you hate, to make you angry, to make you lash out at the wrong person or people, or place the blame where it does not belong and repeat it over and over until you believe it. Their mission was to divide and conquer. To make the people who didn't know what was really happening angry at the ones who did know (and have been trying to tell everyone) all along. What an absolute shit show! Guess what? If you are spending your time angry at the wrong people, then you are ignoring all of these horrific and barbaric crimes that desperately needed everyone's attention. If you are going to be angry, be angry with the people that are a part of hurting and killing these children FFS. Not at the ones trying to save them!

The truth is a tough pill to swallow. Do we get mad at the people feeding us lies all along? Or do we get mad at ourselves for giving them an audience? Do we apologize for ignoring those who were trying to do the right thing, protect us, and give us the facts? If so, how do we go about apologizing for hating the wrong person based on false information that we willingly listened to? What about the people who were innocent victims? There have been countless victims due to misinformation, that caused some members of our society to make poor choices. The truth might be exposed now, but that doesn't change anything for those who suffered unnecessarily. These are some things to think about...And pray about.

When we accept what we are told instead of taking the time to look up and verify facts for ourselves, we are giving other people (nefarious creatures) the opportunity to mislead us. Don't give away your power. Keep your critical thinking skills sharp. Don't let anyone tell you how or what to think!

"Never underestimate the power of one."

Fred, from Rumble

There have been times that I have felt very alone because I knew things that others didn't. I listened to them complain about things that weren't even real, while completely ignoring things that were a dire emergency. Then truly positive, amazing things would happen and only a few would notice. If there are support groups among truth seekers, fact finders, and independent researchers, I will raise my hand and say something like that would have been really helpful for me. I kept having the same recurring nightmare where I was walking through a mental hospital, trying to shake everyone that was sedated...And all they would do was stare at the TV. They wouldn't look at me or listen. Then I would wake up, and emotionally, I felt the same way I did when I was still asleep. Sleepers made me feel exhausted in daily life...Because I could 'feel' that they were still asleep. Imagine feeling like that for several years. It is hard when you are living with a different kind of information than everyone around you and it can feel very isolating. It's a heavy burden to carry around that few can understand. What I did was look up to God, look ahead at my President, and then look in the mirror and know that I stood for the truth. I focused on the good things ahead that I knew were coming, but what a bumpy ride it has been. To those who were were awake through all of this, thank you. Knowing there were others out there on the same mission I was is what kept me going.

Stay in faith and God Bless.

Ghost Oscar Delta

Alpha Lima Whiskey Alpha Yankee Sierra

Whiskey India November Sierra

Feb 15, 2021

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