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Making A Difference 

A healthy, loving, adoptable animal is killed every 13 seconds in U.S. shelters.  Pet overpopulation is a huge crisis that few people do anything about.  Each time someone buys an animal from a breeder, a pet store, or some random person selling them, a shelter animal dies.  -Do not support these people!  They profit off of the pain and suffering from which they spare themselves the sight.  They cause millions of unnecessary deaths each and every year.  People who are irresponsible (or often times just ignorant and lazy) are at the root of this catastrophic issue.  Stop breeders by hitting them in the wallet.  


If you are going to have a cat or a dog, you must spay and neuter them.  If you aren't responsible enough to sterilize your pets, you aren't responsible enough to have one.  Period.  There are free and low cost veterinary services in almost every major city.  Mobile units are even available for those who cannot visit their local vet.  Please inquire about these services and make your cat or dog an appointment.  Spaying & neutering shows you care about the well being and longevity of all animals, not just yours.  Educate yourself on this subject and set an example for other pet owners to follow.  In doing so, you will save countless lives. 


If you want to adopt a cat or dog, contact your local rescues or shelters, only.  Why?  Because the best breed of cat or dog that anyone can adopt is the rescued kind.  Both the rescue groups and shelters have plenty of smiling faces (or possibly shy ones) that are waiting for someone to love and care for them.  When you adopt an animal, you are actually saving two lives!  By providing a home for one animal, you are opening up that kennel space for another animal.  It is also important to remember that 'the forgotten strays' are just as loving and in need of a home as the ones in shelters.  Just because they don't have a place to call home, doesn't mean they don't want one.  These poor animals are just trying to survive and are so grateful to be rescued.  If given the opportunity, they could be the best companion you ever knew.  Consider opening your home and heart to one of them.  


In our family, we are proud that each of our cats and dogs came from the streets.  We love them more than anything and consider caring for them to be a great honor.   Part of that care includes spaying and neutering.  Apart from providing a safe, forever home, it is best gift that you can give to an animal.

The Animal Rescue Site 

You can see exactly how many bowls of food are donated w/ every purchase you make.  They sell some really cool things for pets and people!  It's a great place to shop for gifts, too.

Alley Cat Allies

This organization helps to reform public policies, educate people on the importance of spaying and neutering, and help save the lives of shelter cats as well.  They provide a wealth of information on how to best help ferals, stray cats and kittens.  If you would like to become an advocate for homeless kitties in your community, they are your best resource.  

FREE or Low Cost Spay/Neuter By State 

Locate either free or discounted spay & neuter services by state.  

*Neighborhood Cats

Comprehensive database of Nationwide, affordable spay & neuter services. 

HSUS Animal Abuse & Rescue 

If you see animal cruelty, abuse or neglect, please take action immediately.  Don't wait!!  When an animal is suffering, every minute counts.  First, contact local law enforcement.  Then, contact a National organization like HSUS so they can help.  

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