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Image by Jose Francisco Morales

Dare To Care!

The more people interested in learning about animal welfare issues, the better.  Just because your friends or family might not be the most compassionate people, doesn't mean that you can't be.  Set an example for others.  Animals don't need our excuses.  They need our help!  We cannot help if we do not stay informed.   We cannot stay informed if we bury our heads in the sand.  Share what you know with others and ask them to do the same. 

This is how we make positive changes. 


Make a difference by being different.  Be the one who cares. 


Blessings to you for caring about those who cannot help themselves. 

Here are a few links to help you gets started...

FREE Vegan Starter Kit

This whole 'plant based eating' thing is not just a trend.  More and more people have made the decision to eat a cruelty-free diet and never look back.  If you are interested in feeling better, enjoying various health benefits, and saving about 200 animals' lives per year in the process, consider making a change.  Yes, the kit is actually free.  

Official Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide 

Animal testing is a cruel, dated & unnecessary practice.  Many countries have already made it against the law.  We need to do the same.  In the meantime, make sure you support companies that sell animal friendly products and don't do any sort of animal testing.  If a product doesn't show The Leaping Bunny seal, they likely test on animals. It always pays to check.  Download the app for an updated list.  

Cruelty-Free Collections 

Stay up to date on the latest cruelty-free beauty products & fashion trends.  Support companies that show compassion towards our animal friends.  The best products are the ones NOT tested on animals.  Real beauty starts with a clear conscience.  

DONATE to Greater Good

You can donate specific dollar amounts for any animal welfare issue that is most important to you.  Donations start at only $1.  You will be amazed at how many wonderful food & rescue programs there are.  It is hard to pick just one!  Consider trading one cup of coffee each week to help save lives.   

SMILE Amazon

Amazon will donate to the cause of your choice with every purchase you make.  Pick the one that is nearest & dearest to your heart and make sure you login via SMILE each time you buy.  It's no money out of your pocket and it adds up over time.  If everyone did this, it would make a huge difference for rescue organizations.  


Current info and stories on animal welfare, the environment, responsible living and how to make a difference.  

CARE2 Animal Rights

Sign as many animal welfare & animal rights petitions as you want to, plus links to share them.  Yes, every signature counts.  

The Dodo - For Animal People

A great site for animal lovers!  Entertaining, fun & positive videos and stories about animals...Companion animals, farm animals and wild animals.   



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