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Going Green seems to be the trend these days.  The truth is, you cannot 'Live Green' if you don't Go Veg.  Being green should be a lifestyle, not a trend.  Not eating our animal friends is the most important step in making a difference, on a global level.  It not only saves the lives of countless animals, but other people as well.    There are currently no laws in place to ensure the humane treatment of factory farmed animals.  Therefore, they suffer in the most horrific ways.  If most of us had to see what actually goes on in their daily lives as well as how they are killed,  going veg wouldn't even be a question.  If you think about it, part of being an 'animal lover" is loving all animals enough to not eat them.  It was this simple statement that got me thinking about my own choices...And I have never looked back.  If you ask anyone that ever gave up meat, they will tell you that it made them a better person all around.  That level of compassion sort of spills over into other aspects of your life.  It makes you more aware of how your daily choices affect others.  It is your opportunity to help them while helping yourself to live a better life at the same time. 


It is a myth that people who don't eat meat don't get enough protein.  In fact, meatless meat has more protein than animal meat.  So the question "How do you get your protein?" being asked by someone who gets far less protein than we do,  has never made sense to me.  There many different colors on our dinner plates and we actually eat better, gourmet foods than most.  Another myth is that people believe they cannot afford to go veg.  They can't afford not to.  Meatless meat costs less than animal meat, plus it reduces the chances of suffering from a variety of health issues.  It can save your life and extend your life.  Who doesn't want to be healthier and try to live as long as they can? We know instinctively how we should be eating.   It is sometimes just a matter of realizing that you are worth raising your standards.  If you want to eat unhealthy foods, stores and fast food restaurants will sell them to you.  In today's world, you have to do your own research and be your own advocate.  The government and media are certainly not going to do it for you.   So many aspects of your life, health and energy level will improve when you eliminate meat from your plate.  Each person that gives up meat saves almost 100 lives per year...Possibly even their own.  When you give up dairy and eggs, you are saving almost another 100 lives per year.  With over 20,000 people going veg each day, this is not a trend.  It has simply become a golden standard for a new, more compassionate and thoughtful way of eating.


We have all seen the commercials on TV seeking donations for starving children.  We have many people right here, in our own country, who are going hungry or not eating properly.  If we truly care about those who don't have access to food or are literally starving to death, giving up meat is a no-brainer.  More grain is used to feed animals (who are raised only for slaughter) than for any other purpose in the world.  If we stopped breeding these animals for food and used the grain to feed actual human beings, we could save millions of lives.  A vegetarian diet can keep us all well fed.   Just imagine if no one had to go hungry again.   I don't think that I am more deserving of food than the next person just because I can pay for it.  We all deserve to eat.  This is not the mentality of a liberal or an extremist. I am a staunch fiscal conservative and only support handouts if they are temporary and used as a stepping stone.  Hunger is a global issue and vegetarianism is a solution.  I am all about solutions.  It is a win-win for all.   If you don't believe in handouts, then do your research on this subject.  Resources for food and education about how to eat properly can help create independence.   Once you make the connection, it just makes sense. 

"All Animals Have a Face, Feelings and a Family" ©

They love their family as much as you love yours.  There is no difference. 

Did you know that pigs are highly social animals?  They can learn their name in just 2-3 weeks.  They also prefer to snuggle with each other while resting.  Factory farms do not even allow them enough room to turn around in their cages.  When they are allowed the freedom to move around, they learn to play and will communicate with each other with grunting sounds.  Pigs are also very clean animals. 

Did you know that chickens talk to their unborn babies?  When their babies are born, the mother and babies actually talk to each other with clucking sounds.  Sadly, when born in a factory farm, these babies never get to see their mom.  The eggs are taken immediately. The egg industry kills all male chicks and has some of the most cruel practices in factory farming.  They are either put in a grinder (like a garbage disposal) or suffocated by the hundreds in garbage bags.  Imagine being born to die.

As a society, perhaps we need to demand better standards for how these animals are treated.  Currently, there are no laws in place to protect them.  At the end of the day, they are God's creatures and should be treated as such.  Leaving eggs off your plate and out of your shopping cart is the best thing you can do to help.  If everyone did this, we could save countless lives and prevent so much suffering.


Image by Sophie Dale
Image by Kameron Kincade
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