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If You Can Read This, Hug a Conspiracy Theorist

While everyone was trying to deceive you about every aspect of your existence, they were trying to show you the truth. While everyone else was trying to hurt or kill you, they have been fighting like Hell to keep you alive.

A day in the life of someone who gives a damn.

Actually, all the things they have been trying to tell you and warn you about were not conspiracy theories. They were spoiler alerts. These kind, hardworking, and selfless people are not conspiracy theorists. They are Truth Tellers. Please take a moment to thank them for being right about pretty much everything. If you didn't believe them, the time is coming where you are going to wish you had. These are people have always been on your side, even when you weren't on theirs.

I remember this band being one of the first concerts I ever saw. I was probably about 9 years old. Here we are, all these years later, and it couldn't be more fitting. I was driving down the road a few days ago and this song came on. I thought, this is it. This is the song. If you don't know the lyrics, I posted them at the bottom. Some of these older songs were not just random songs. You will discover foreshadowing in their lyrics if you really listen.

This is why I prefer animals or even plants.

We are pretty much at zero hour now. We have to get to the end of things before we can begin again. This war, which has been a spiritual war of good against evil, has been a nightmare for those who were aware of it. Those who chose to remain in the dark might think they were doing themselves a favor. But when the truth comes out from a platform that people can no longer run from, they are going to wish they had been paying attention. They are going to remember the time when someone who cared about them tried to wake them up. In fact, that is the first thing they are going to think about when reality hits. When it does it (and it will) it's going to hit hard.

It's not an option. It's not a request. It's a requirement.

I can't speak for others, but I have tried my best to help as many people as possible. I gave of my time and handed people information it took me months and years of research to find. That was the problem. When you hand it to them, then they believe it becomes your job to do the work for them. If you tell them something they don't like or don't want to accept, they blame you for it. They argue or question things they have done no research on. That is why it is so important for everyone to be their own source. In my effort to help others, I realized that some of them could not be helped. They were just so clueless (or brainwashed) and simply not going to make the effort to help themselves. I had someone tell me, "That's what you're for." Guess again, chief. I had someone ask me what MSM was, for Heaven's sake. How do you help someone that won't even help themselves? How do you help someone that is driving around in a mask in their own car? They cannot be helped. Not now. It is a state of mind they are going to have to pull themselves out of. When shit hits the fan, the same people that thought they knew everything are going to be scared and clueless. Personally, I would rather be calm and prepared.

When you refuse to learn anything new, there's no end to what you can't do!

Recently, someone tried to school me on a hoax (distraction) story being perpetuated by MSM. It seems some people haven't figured out that most of these wild, elaborate stories are distractions. They are meant to take your attention away from more serious things that are happening. Look here!! Look there!! Squirrel!! When you look away from what is really happening, they win, and you lose. We all lose, actually. When I tried to explain to this person that the story was a hoax and what the real story was, what I got in return was "that's weird" and "that's bizarre." Translation, "I hate you for telling me this." Bizarre or not, it's called the truth. The truth doesn't need your permission or approval in order to exist. In reality, the truth is stranger than fiction. And every moment you give to MSM vs doing your own research is time lost, forever. Please don't give people being paid to work against you, a moment of your time.

Digital Soldiers and Citizen Journalists speak the truth. Period.

Tell me, if doctors, MSM, and elected (installed) officials sincerely cared about us, why didn't they do the same?

Where were they?


Many families, friendships, and relationships have been destroyed forever, over lies. Lies that were put out there for the sole purpose of doing exactly that. I cannot speak for others, but when someone chooses to believe a lie over me, that is when I have to rethink that relationship. Especially if I tried to help them out of love and they came back at me with hate. Then there were some that just stopped communicating, even when they saw (as in no denying it) that what I was saying was true. It was easier to blame me for showing them the truth than it was to be angry with those promoting the lies. Well, guess what? You can say "that's weird" or "I don't know about that" all you want. What I say to that is, "You're fired." You are fired from doing my hair, selling my home, being my doctor, or being my anything. If you don't even care about your own wellbeing or safety, there is no way I can expect you to care about mine. Do you hear me? Do you care? Moving forward, how can I possibly trust someone who doesn't care? If you do care, show me by standing with me and speaking the truth. That is the best way to separate yourself from the sleeping herd right now.

They want us to hate each other.

Hate will not fix anything. Kindness can fix everything.

Be a kind person.

The gloves need to come off here. You think I'm crazy because I know all of these things. Has it not occurred to you that I think you're crazy for not knowing? I have shown an extreme amount of patience that I didn't even know I was capable of. (I prayed for that patience, believe me). But while people are staying in their perpetual state of denial here, the world is suffering. We are all suffering. If everyone were on the same page, all of this would stop, right now. Why is it the job of some people to do all the heavy lifting for you? Why is it their job to care while you sit and do nothing? What makes you such an expert when you haven't spent 5 minutes doing research on any topic? We have people losing their family members over what is literally a bioweapon. We have kids on all corners of the globe being slaughtered by the wealthy elites. (Most of these kids are kidnapped, by the way). We have major companies and banks funding all of this. We have educators promoting inappropriate, disgusting agendas in schools. We have our tax dollars being stolen by a foreign entity and funneled to other foreign entities. Where is the outrage?

When the hateful, evil souls are gone, we can finally live in peace.

Love is the only thing that is going to help heal the broken spirits and mend the broken hearts of this planet.

What people need to understand is that there is a longstanding global plan to take over every aspect of freedom and life as we know it. The President tried to tell everyone, and they did not believe him. Truth Tellers have been screaming it from the rooftops and people are not listening. Well, the swift kick of reality is coming. For those who are still not clear, The White House has been empty (as in vacant) since January 2021. This is not new information. If it is new to you, you need to get with the program. No one has time for your rectal cranial inversion anymore. If you need a list of rhetorical questions to help jumpstart your research journey, here you go.

Stand up for yourself and your God given rights that you were told you don't have. If you don't know what they are, it's time to learn.

Be thankful for this opportunity.

None of this has anything to do with what race you are, how much money you have in the bank, what your background is, or what side of the aisle you sit on. As those in leadership positions on both sides were carrying out orders (and being paid with our money) to take us down in every conceivable way. We voted for them, and they voted against us. All of us. They wanted us dumbed down, sick, barely able to afford food or having no food, handing over all of our money via taxes, then having the ability to shut off our own money, to control us. I repeat, they planned to control our money and our access to it. They wanted to limit and monitor any and all electronic devices, take away free speech, and even control your thermostat. We would have all been living under constant surveillance with no privacy to speak of. The plans and punishments they had planned for our entire population were unfathomable. Let's all Thank God those things didn't happen.

A world dominated by Satanists that hate us all and want us broke, suffering, or dead.


God's way. You decide.

Our drinking water is about as clean and safe as drinking out of a toilet that hasn't been flushed all week. We have been sprayed with chemicals for years now. We have been given vaccinations our entire lives that we did not need, starting at birth. Our pets are being given vaccinations that they don't need. These vaccinations were the root for other illnesses and conditions that we would not have had otherwise. The same goes for our pets. Unnecessary vaccinations are a cash grab. Now we have people and animals developing all kinds of various conditions. There is a prescription drug with a ridiculous name for pretty much any illness and they all come with side effects. These side effects would need to be treated with additional medications and so on. *For all the good and ethical Doctors and Veterinarians, who speak up and work on behalf of people and animals, Thank You. We need more like you and less of the other kind.

The ones you've been hearing about on the news are a distraction from all the ones that have really been happening.

Which did you give your attention to?

Some of us sit up all night trying to research alternative treatments, supplements, and dietary changes to keep ourselves healthy or help our loved ones. We are trying to save our own lives here. Meanwhile, nefarious people are working around the clock to keep us sick. They prevent us from learning about any cures that exist. (And they do exist). They take down truthful, helpful, lifesaving information and censor those who share it. And people still think their government is somehow working for them? How can anyone who hides information or cures that SAVE LIVES possibly be on our side? Making us think they are working for any of us is one of the greatest lies ever told. They must be held accountable.

What will your contribution be to making this world a better place?

Children, animals, the elderly, our Veterans, could all use your help.

Pick a cause that you care about and step up.

There are people who appreciate their freedom because they know how many have fought and died for it. They believe in God and pray throughout the day because they know that without Him, none of us would be here right now. These are people that love our country, fight for the truth on everyone's behalf, and give everything they've got to this movement. No Patriot wants you to stand in front of them or stand behind them. They want you to stand beside them. They are waiting for you. What are you waiting for?

The time is now.

Our President is fighting for you.

Our Military is fighting for you.

Truth Tellers are fighting for you.

God is working through all of them.

It takes strength and courage to walk this path when everyone is trying to discredit you along the way.

You're welcome.

The days of piggyback rides are over. My back hurts & I'm exhausted. I cannot walk through the hot coals for you. Just like every person that stands where I'm standing, we have already walked through them. We know the pain & the fear. We still kept walking. On the other side of those hot coals is reality. This is where one will find other hard working, dedicated, loyal, compassionate, & empathetic people. Only someone who has made that walk alone can understand. We've done it. Now it is your turn. I cannot teach you to drive if you won't open your eyes & take your foot off the brake. You want me to give of my time & answer all of your questions, but you are unwilling to put in the work or do your own research. I am not here to argue with you or convince you of anything. That is not a role that you will assign to me, based on your own lack of effort. I don't question what you don't know. I simply put myself out there to assist you in your search of truth. That said, please don't question or challenge what I do know. I have spent hours upon hours, for years, learning what I know. The same information that I found is & has always been available to you as well. I can steer you towards it, but I can't make you read it, nor can I make you care. If you want my help, you've got it. But you have to be willing to help yourself. You have to step up on your own behalf. If you are unwilling to learn, you are doing yourself a disservice. I don't think I'm smarter than you or better than you. I just caught on early & it lit a fire in me that cannot be extinguished. God has offered you the same opportunity. Will you rise to the occasion? As we go forward, I will need every shred of energy & patience that I can find. This is so I can help others. My time is the most valuable thing that I've got. I will have to choose wisely. Every time you challenge me, I know that God is testing me. If you think he's not testing you, too, think again.

Thank you, Mom and Dad. You taught me to read and write. You taught me to use common sense. You taught me compassion. You taught me to stand up for myself as well as others who need help.

Thank you to my good looking, kindhearted, hardworking, and loving Husband. You have been my best friend and greatest supporter for all these years. I could not do what I do without you.

Thank you to my animals for making me a better person, for being my reason to get up in the morning, and for being my inspiration to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.

Thank to you all of my Patriot friends who have walked this walk with me and know how hard it has been. We will end up on the other side of this, together.

Thank you Scotty & Shaylene, Dark Knight, & Adam. Thank you for your hard work, your dedication to the truth, and for giving people like me a place where they are welcome.


My name is Tiffany and identify as someone that is sick of this shit.

Let's make reality, normalcy, truth, and rational thought great again.

April 1, 2023


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