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Take The Red Pill Now or Get The Red Suppository Later

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

It's called The Great Awakening because you have to actually be awake to participate in it.

That entails WAKING UP.

Please take my hand and walk with me.

"Most people would rather die than think. And millions have."

~Bertrand Russell

Welcome to The Great Awakening. If you know what I'm talking about, you are awake and not afraid. If you are confused about all that is happening in our country or our world, you are probably still asleep. There are 5 kinds of brain waves. Gamma brain waves mean you are awake and aware. Delta brain waves mean you are in a deep sleep. Do you recognize that name from anywhere? A lot of things are named Delta these days.

As I look around at what society has become as of late, I find myself feeling so ashamed on behalf of other people. Their eyes are not connecting to their brains and their brains are not connecting to their hearts. We have people making excuses for the liars and those inflicting torture on others, while simultaneously bashing those trying to expose it. I have never seen so many hypocrites in all of my life. I am especially disappointed in those who call themselves animal lovers, as they have always portrayed themselves to be such a tender-hearted bunch. These were my people! I have always been adamant that we should speak out for the defenseless. This includes animals, children, and the elderly...Anyone who can't fight back or speak out for themselves. They rely on us to speak for them and there is no excuse in not doing so. The only voice we don't have is the one we don't use. If someone else is suffering, no matter who they are, there is no justifiable reason to not say something. As many of us have said over the years in animal welfare, "If you can't help them, at least don't hurt them." Yet here we are, where the most vile, evil fucking people that ever existed have gotten a lifelong pass by society. And then you have people (like me) who are saying this is NOT OK, that are questioned, insulted, and even verbally abused for it. We have elected officials, being paid for with our tax dollars, literally torturing other human beings to death. They kidnap, rape and murder children. 90+% of our population says nothing. People even continue voting for these slithering demons. Why?! But let someone present facts, pictures, verifiable links, court documents, etc...Well, society can't seem to accept anything like that. There is no place for rational thought, evidence/proof, or a shred of compassion anymore. If those things still existed, I wouldn't have to type this right now. People will say "I don't see how you could possibly know this." My response, "How could you not know this?"

"Why would anyone who claims to love animals and other human beings take medical or political advice from Satanists that hate both animals and people?


The same information is available to all of us. It costs nothing to do research. Research and fact finding are equal opportunity endeavors. A person could devote only 5-10 minutes a day and be well informed. Or they could opt to get their info. from MSM or FB and know nothing. LOOK at where that got us. Not paying attention almost ended our world and our freedom as we know it. It also cost us millions of lives! They say, "War is Hell." What do you think we have all been living through? People won't believe the truth no matter how much you tell them. They have to see it, feel it, and live it. Are you awake yet?

...So act like it!

People are going to say they didn't understand what they were voting for. That they made a mistake. Let's go with that. You believed that I didn't know about all of this, when I told you that I did. Am I to believe that you did know, when you tell me that you didn't? That's called flipping the switch. I learned it from the cancel culture people. Perhaps it only applies when people are seeking revenge and don't want to own how badly they fucked up. Does anyone hold themselves accountable for anything anymore? Ever? Hey, we all voted for monsters at one time or another. I will raise my hand right along with you and say that I have made poor choices and voted for people that I shouldn't have. Some of us just caught on a bit early and didn't vote for as many monsters as others. We tried to warn those around us. And we took a lot of heat for it. Every. Single. Day. While everyone else is busy not paying attention, those of us who were paying attention caught on to what was happening...And all the things that were planned for us.

"Clean up on aisle 46, please. I just tripped over a mummy and its pet hyena. Can you get them out of my way? Thank you in advance for your time and prompt attention to this matter."

I do not support The Party of Hate or vote for dead people (AKA Shits & Giggles). It made no sense to do so. Here is what does make sense...A Presidential candidate being recruited by The United States Military to help carry out the most sophisticated plan in history. A plan to take down the most evil, demonic people and throw a wrench in the plans they had for all of us. This brings me back to people that I always thought to be kindhearted and the first to come out swinging when they saw the defenseless being harmed. Esp. Vegans or Vegetarians. I am one of them, so I can say this...So you don't want people eating meat because it is cruel? But you express nothing but hate towards the only person trying to keep your ass alive....So that you can be Vegan and help animals? Eating animals is not OK, but giving a pass to people who literally dismember and eat other human beings is acceptable?

Do you realize that if that person that you hate so much were not in charge, that you would be dead right now? How does one continue to help animals and live a Veg lifestyle if they are no longer here to do it? Do you think these evil plans don't include you and your family? Think again.

Animal Lovers and Child Advocates, where are you?

Where is your outrage?

Where is your compassion & support for those who needed you to speak up?

Babies, kids of all ages, and innocent animals are used in these Satanic rituals. These people sacrifice their own pets for God's sake! They are tortured to death in ways to inflict the maximum amount of pain. Picture yourself as a child again. Can you imagine being taken several stories underground (no sunlight or fresh air), put in a cage, and only taken out when someone wants to torture or kill you? That is what these poor children experienced. The denial and excuses have to stop. You say you care about protecting all of them. Then you vote for the people carrying out these practices and hurl insults and threats at the only person trying to stop them. It didn't end there. What about the unfathomable insults hurled at those who were awake and aware of all this? Wow. Let me get this straight...'They' wanted lists made naming the people that voted to stop these horrific practices and support the only human being that said he would stop them. And then go after all of those people by threatening their safety, their families, their jobs, and their homes. What kind of disconnect has occurred that makes someone want this to happen to their neighbor or fellow man? It all goes back to the kids. Society must come together for their sake. That is what all of these 'awake' people like me have been begging you to see this whole time.

Don't fight the people trying to help you.

They are coming from a place of compassion to be of service.

"People think the virus, inflation and a tanking economy are terrifying. Yet they give zero thought to the fact that The White House & Naval Observatory Home have been vacant for the past year. Wait until they see what's really going on."


COVID was set to launch in or sometime after 2016. But Dominion wasn't programmed just enough to overthrow that election. The vaccine, for said virus, was patented in 1999. Look it up. This manmade, lab created virus was brought to fruition in order to use the vaccine, not the other way around. The vaccine has nothing to do with helping people just like masks and distancing have nothing to do with health/wellbeing. Those masks protect us from getting sick about as much as rubber boots will help you in a nuclear attack. Then we were told to get vaccinated to protect our neighbors. Based on that logic, we need to all wrap ourselves in blankets, so our neighbors don't freeze to death...Or drink more water, so that the person standing next to us at the grocery story doesn't become dehydrated. This logic, being crammed down our throats courtesy of MSM, was and is completely insane.

People have been conditioned to accept these masks as part of daily life or the new normal. They are NOT normal. They do not help protect anyone against anything. People have stopped hugging each other. They no longer shake hands. Many have stopped making eye contact. Basic communication is not what it was because some now avoid speaking to others in public. If they do, having a conversation through masks can be a challenge. The people that ordered the masks did it to gain control over the population. Society went right along with it. Mass psychosis is real, folks. It's an actual thing. Look it up. Better yet, look around and see who is still wearing them. In the movies, people cheer for the underdogs and those who refuse to comply. In real life, everyone just sits there and does what they were told without even questioning it. It is much easier to manipulate people and cause confusion if everyone is isolated. 'They' didn't want people communicating, thinking for themselves, and sharing those thoughts. In comes the censorship, on every conceivable platform. If you tried to share anything truthful, helpful, or information that was potentially lifesaving, you were silenced. Just ask The President.

The masks were promoted in an effort to 'break' us...To hide any facial expressions, make communication less, take away basic manners and social norms, make everyone the same, etc...There are people sweeping out their own garages, driving in their own cars, and walking or running for exercise, all while wearing masks. This is like wearing a condom to sleep alone. I am for everyone doing whatever they need to do to protect themselves and stay healthy. But that was not the purpose of these masks. Once you really start looking at how masks have changed daily life, removed individual personalities, and caused long-term psychological effects, you will see the damage that has been done to people. The problem is, until they see it for themselves, they will continue into a downward spiral with no end. The solution is to question something if you know it isn't right. That doesn't mean being ugly, hateful, or making a scene. You can politely remind others that there is no scientific evidence that masks protect us against anything. (Because it doesn't exist). And you are not OK with being forced to participate in any rituals that do not align with your beliefs.

Here's a fun fact...Did you know that Satanic rituals require that you wear a mask and stand 6 feet apart? Unless you are a practicing Satanist, I can't imagine this information would make you feel very proud. Anyway, like a good sheep, most of us willingly did the mask routine, thinking it would only be temporary. It was not meant to be temporary. It was meant to control us and keep us in line, while getting us conditioned for bigger, much worse things already in play. There is no Delta Variant. Omicron = Moronic. If you unscramble Delta & Omicron you get "Media Control." Do I have your attention yet?

Any doctors and hospitals using those names for their 'protocol' are lying to you. I call them what they are...LIARS. They got paid large sums of money each time they marked someone's death as COVID, even if they came in with a gunshot wound or food poisoning. They separated sick people from their loved ones. They forced people to watch loved ones die using an app on their phone!!! They prevented them from seeing their ill (and often times treatable) loved ones, for one last time. People died alone without anyone there to comfort them or hold their hand. There has been unfathomable cruelty and suffering for both patients and those who loved them...And for what purpose? You can't compensate for the living Hell that people were put through and continue to be put through in the name of bullshit and lies. Elderly people were victimized worse than anyone because those who loved them were prevented from being their advocates. Wait until you see what was done to some of them! The truth is already out there but wait until you actually see and hear it. Then you will understand what monsters these people really were. Not only were they complacent for a paycheck, but they violated their oath. The oath they took to protect people and save their lives. In many cases, that did not happen. I am not speaking of the good, decent, and hardworking medical staff out there that did not participate in these nefarious activities. I am speaking of the ones that did! "I was just following orders" doesn't cut it. Many people were deprived of readily available, low cost, lifesaving treatments, as well as the human contact they were begging for, and many lives were shortened in the most inhumane ways. This did not have to happen! While so many in the medical community worked tirelessly to help patients and do right by them, the public has suffered from the lack of proper care or even common decency.

If you think the virus came before the vaccine, that the vaccine or masks prevent anything, and that there wasn't an evil agenda, then go push some sand around in one of these.

People have been treated worse than animals. That said, animals have also been treated poorly or received less than acceptable care during vet visits. We personally changed vets (after over a decade of seeing the same ones) because of how our animals were being treated. There were preventable, yet fatal mistakes (blamed on COVID) on several occasions. There were near fatal mistakes that ended up in painful, costly surgeries, emergency care & overnight visits, not to mention the emotional torment. There was no apology or accountability. It was COVID's fault. Right. People that were once warm and friendly were no longer showing an ounce of compassion. If someone is not going to stand by the oath that they took to save lives and do their best every day, they should stay home, for the day or for good. Because once a life is lost, it is gone forever. Speaking of forever, once someone starts displaying signs of being a Sociopath, I am done as well.

When the COVID excuse is officially deemed useless and baseless, what will their excuse be then? Incompetence, apathy, or simply not giving a damn?

Speaking of pets, people used this scam as a reason to dump their own companion animals...Out in the streets or at a shelter. Cats and dogs all over the world were pushed out the door or abandoned in the woods and left to starve in the streets. Many loving, loyal, healthy animals were euthanized because ignorant, low (or no) information people thought the animal could get them sick. How do you intentionally kill your own companion animals over a rumor or something that MSM told you? Millions of amazing souls have been betrayed for absolutely no reason. And there is NO EXCUSE. Aside from being horribly cruel and morally wrong, it is also against the law to dump your pets.

"This planet is obviously being used as an asylum by other planets."

~George Barnard Shaw

Professionals that we all trusted and relied on seemed to lose their freaking minds and go off the deep end with this whole thing. It's like they became so robotic that they forgot about the feelings of both people and animals. Based on my own experiences and what I've seen both friends and family go through, I would not have enough trust to schedule a doctor appointment at this time. People in my own family have described their emergency room visits and hospital stays like something out of The Twilight Zone or a horror film. I, too, have experienced third world country treatment and piss poor behavior. What good is insurance when no one cares? If they do care, why don't they act like it? Medical personnel that do try to speak up or do the right thing are suspended or fired. What world is this when those trying follow their oath are punished for trying to save lives? Where do we go from here when people are literally afraid to seek medical help or get turned away when they do seek it? None of this had to happen. It was all based on lies, misinformation, indifference and greed. When all is said and done, how is the medical community going to restore the public's trust?

Not Delta Variant. Delta Forces. Camp Delta. Delta Wave. This was a fake name given to this vicious, deadly strain of the flu/nasty cold (that again, was created and released on purpose) when people were no longer buying that COVID was what 'they' said it was. So, the powers that be (along with the help of our Mockingbird Media) had to come up with something else to instill a new level of fear. Again, not for health purposes, but to control us. Camp Delta is located at GITMO. And Corona does not stand for what most people think it does. Did you notice that only famous people said they had "The Rona"? They were warning each other via social media. Regular, everyday people like you and me never used that terminology. Just ask Forrest Gump or JP...If you can find them. By the way, they were both Rockefellers. "These people are sick" was not just a reference to them being mentally off. It's because unbeknownst to them, they became ill in a way that no innocent person did, due to their own practices.

Hey, did you know that Gitmo doesn't even have cemetery? It only has an incinerator. That's because the people sentenced to life or given the death penalty there are SO EVIL that they don't even deserve a funeral. It's the perfect preview for where they are going to end up anyway.

What part of this are people still not understanding?

Go look up some YT videos and see for yourself how many times Mockingbird Media said the number 33 in reference to new COVID cases. A friend put together a video showing 50 of them at once, all saying it verbatim. That means they are being told what to say. So in all of their respective cities, there were exactly 33 new cases or deaths each day? Bullshit. Do you think your nightly news anchor gives a continental damn about telling you the truth? Think again. They are there for a paycheck and don't care if we live or die. Otherwise, they would have walked off the job and found something more respectable to do! (I must acknowledge the brave whistle-blowers that did leave their positions in the media in order to speak out). People shouldn't have remained in a role which required them to knowingly lie to their fellow man. Even the VP of CNN admitted to raising the number of cases on the ticker in order to scare people. They said that the more afraid people were, the higher their ratings got. For 20 million dollars a minute, any company, including drug companies, can have anyone facing the camera tell you whatever they want, even if it is false. (Even if it hurts or kills people). Yes, we are all faced with a very dangerous strain of this funk. You can call it whatever you want. Its origin, and not its name, is what's important. It does exist and no one is denying that. But whatever vaccines are being pushed are not going to keep you from getting it or passing it on. And those same vaccines might even harm or kill you in the process. That was their purpose. Whoever survived the vaccines would have seen them lead to other things...Like vaccine passports. It's just six feet. It's just for a few weeks. It's just until we flatten the curve. It's just so you can have your freedom back. It's just so you can buy groceries, go to work, or access your own money. When you get out of line or refuse to comply, that 5G (that's already in place) could be cranked up to microwave your ass. Think I'm kidding? Then you are in for a rude awakening. No, that is not going to happen now. There are things in place to prevent it. However, that was the goal for the evil elite. A plan called The New World Order that was decades in the making. (Probably longer than that). Just like the plan called The Great Awakening was also decades in the making. Guess which one prevails? The one that God is behind.

Do you owe someone an apology? If so, find a way to make it happen. How do you apologize to someone for forcing them to wear a mask for 12 hours a day for over almost two years? Or for firing them for refusing to take this vaccine? Or for not believing them when they told you the election was not only stolen, but a sting operation? Or that kids were being ripped to pieces and eaten alive? Denial is easy. It's accepting the truth that is hard. And the truth is, a lot of people like me with a huge heart, honorable intentions, that were armed with verifiable info and pictures, were treated horribly for no reason. We were ostracized and alienated for wanting to see justice. I went so far as to provide people proof and unlimited links, they could use to do their own research and verification, on pretty much anything. Did they make the effort? No.

In a situation where only a handful of people were fighting for humanity (while others were either silent or fighting against them) society has been so selfish. How about honoring our Military and being grateful for their sacrifice and service? Where are the thank you's for them? They have seen and experienced things that we could not even fathom. Things that are far worse than any horror film because they were real! Pain, cruelty, inhumane treatment of innocent human beings all stemming from evil that our society pretends does not exist. Where is the acknowledgment for people who gave up their entire lives to not only expose the truth, but save all of us? Why not direct your anger towards those who have been crucifying and doing barbaric things to children? I guess it's much easier to insult people pointing all of this out vs. acknowledging that you supported the evil ones.

Thank you to our brave and selfless Military men and women, as well as their families. I am grateful for all you do to keep us safe as well as your sacrifice.

You aren't getting the credit you deserve.

Whatever you are paid is NOT enough.

People say they didn't want kids in cages. Depending on how you voted, your vote might have helped evil elites to keep those kids in cages. There has been an unfair amount of misguided hate and hostility here. That in turn creates a lack of concern or empathy for the victims. It all ties-in. Please stop for a moment and try to absorb what I am telling you here. Again, this isn't about politics. BOTH sides of the aisle are guilty AF. BOTH SIDES!!!! And only one man, in the history of this world, had enough courage to stand up to all of them and say NO MORE. People did nothing but hate him for it. President Trump and his family stepped up and were willing to 'fall on the sword' for all of us. They threatened (and even tried) to kill him and his family more times than we realize. The Deep State run MSM was paid to say horrible, completely untrue things about him in an effort to get people to hate him. Those people believed those lies and took every opportunity to spread them. He kept working anyway (for free I might add) sleeping only a few hours each night, in a race against the clock to save humanity. He gave up billions of his own money to save our country, save our lives, and put America first. And it's not just about this country.

Remember when the cost of these pens became outrageous? People that purchased them out of necessity (life & death) could no longer afford them, yet celebrities (addicts) were buying them up. In six months they expire and turn to something else. It seems MSM forgot to cover this.

My pharmacist friend provided a picture of the package insert.

It certainly explains a lot.

This is a massive, global effort designed to help everyone. Meanwhile, others sold us out for billions, set up plans to depopulate us, and turn us into something worse than a third world country. Have you ever asked yourself what all of those FEMA camps were for? Do you know who put them there and what is inside of them? Who does FEMA answer to, anyway? Did it ever occur to anyone that had things gone differently in 2016, that none of us would even be here right now? I wouldn't be typing this, and you wouldn't be reading it. Because we would all be DEAD. Those who survived would wish they were dead. THAT, my friends, WAS their plan. Thankfully, God, the Military, our President, and a dedicated team working with him stopped their plan. Every night when I say my prayers, I say thank you for this. We all should. If you haven't been saying prayers of thanks for all of this, take this opportunity to start tonight.

“This American carnage stops right here and right now.”

~ President Donald J. Trump

That is precisely when the firestorm of hateful Tweets and threats began. Full-on, molten lava hate, seething from all of these sadistic freaks. Think back to 2016...Do you remember who said those awful things? Ding ding ding! The guilty just outed themselves on social media and National TV! Actors, models, musicians, athletes, and politicians started foaming at the mouth with anger...Anger that was actually fear because they knew in that moment that their days were numbered. I could post all of their vicious quotes here, but they are not worth acknowledging. Go back and read them if you are interested. My goal is to move forward here. You can't move forward until all of the lies and deception are exposed. We cannot heal until we get past that part, first.

Our President didn't create all of this hate. He just exposed it. Then a bunch of dedicated truth tellers/digital soldiers stepped in to keep exposing it. It's easy to cower and go along with what everyone else does or thinks. That doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. The right thing to do is to say NO MORE. And to speak out against it! Any time I felt like I wanted to give up or that I couldn't take seeing or knowing such painful things, I had to keep going. No matter how much all of this made me cry, no matter how much people around me were in denial, I could not fail those poor children. I could have been one of them. You could have been one of them. When people say they cannot bear to know these things, just like with animal welfare, I tell them that "knowing is the easy part." Put yourself in their place for a moment. None of us can imagine their terror or pain. Not only what these innocent children went through, but how easily people ignored them. My purpose in this life is to shine a light on what is being done to both animals and people, in an effort to stop it. You either want to stop it or you are supporting it. We are talking life or death and there is no grey area.

"The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it."

~ George Orwell

It's Hell when you want to show other people the truth. No one likes to admit they have been played. It has happened to the best of us. The difference is, some of us hold ourselves accountable and keep trying to learn and make a difference. Others sit there in silence, taking zero responsibility for their part in all of this. Thank all of your Digital Soldiers who have been battling censorship, having people try to discredit them, or even threaten them. You show someone the truth, they come back at you with a lie. People say they want the truth, yet when you give it to them, they get angry. Those of us who are awake can relate. We have been angry for a long time. Months and even years in some cases. Guess what? Angry people are hard workers. I guess I woke up when I figured out what happened during 9/11, back in 2003. But I did not get as involved as I am now in exposing the truth until I realized what was being done to these children. Imagine if all of those who doubted me, called me crazy, questioned me, and even told me to "shut up" or "I don't give a shit" had gotten involved. It was easier to insult me than it was to admit this was happening. When everything finally comes out, there will be people that are going to remember me trying to tell them things all the way back to 2004. At the end of the day, I know I did the right thing.

You have two choices:

1)You can believe someone with an agenda that gets paid to lie to you.

2) You can believe someone with no agenda that is telling you the truth for free.

Families have been ripped apart in this fight of good against evil. Marriages and friendships have crumbled. Careers have been completely destroyed. There are business relationships that have been severed. Innocent people have even lost their businesses because of this madness. You have kids not speaking to parents and parents not speaking to kids. People have been attacked and even killed, for standing up for the truth. Personally, I have never been treated so poorly in my lifetime or been spoken to in such a cruel and insulting manner as I have when I tried to tell people (and show them) what was happening to these kids. My point in doing so was that I felt a slow drip of information, given in a filtered way, was better than them getting hit with it all at once. It was my way of trying to soften the blow of what I knew was coming. There really is no way to delicately present some of this information. But it is better to hear it from a loved one or friend vs. other ways. (I hope that makes sense). When you care about people, you want to protect them any way you can.

In my effort to help ease others into this information over time, I was called the most horrible, vile names. I have been judged and talked about behind my back. I have been told that people who are smarter and more educated than me, don't know these things, so there is no way they could be true. As if I am somehow unintelligent because I took the time to research these topics. I actually left FB years ago because people I've known my entire life wished for me to die or for members of my family to get sick and die because I voted differently than them. You cannot engage or reason with that kind of hate and evil mentality, so there was no point in trying. Just imagine if I said something like that to them. That's the difference between people like me and people like them, because I wouldn't! Perhaps I had a better upbringing. Imagine wishing cancer or death on an innocent person who is trying to fight for the lives of both animals and children. I do not wish to be a part of any platform where people of this caliber are allowed to say whatever they want, especially if it is hateful, threatening, or not true. As it turns out, that very platform not only promotes and rewards that kind of behavior, but they fund it. I don't care how long I have known someone. That kind of conduct is unacceptable, and I have zero tolerance for it. The truth is all of the hate came from people either committing these wicked acts or those supporting them. If you were a part of doing that, you might want to take a good look at yourself and seek out better, more appropriate ways to direct your anger. This is a time for reflection. There is no shame in acknowledging that you handled yourself poorly. It's something we have all had to do at one time or another. The whole key is to actually acknowledge it.

I have been called hateful, for speaking out against lies and hate. That's rich. If I'm hateful for speaking the truth in an effort to help people, what does that make those actually committing these heinous acts? People tried to make me feel at fault for wanting to shine a light on this darkness. I have seen others like me online begging for support because they felt so alone in this fight. Many people who like how I write and support what I have to say asked me to write this very blog. What I had to say resonated with them and made them feel less alone. Everyone in their life abandoned them for trying to do the right thing. In all of my years on this Earth, I'm not sure I have ever been tested the way I have been over simply wanting to help these kids. Insulted, for speaking the truth. I have cried many tears I should not have had to cry. Some days I had to pray for the strength to keep going. There have been times I looked at the clock and told myself to just get through this hour, then another hour, and so on. Turning to God and knowing that there were millions like me all over the world helped get me through it.

If human beings had to endure such torture and I knew about it, the LEAST I could do is try to help them. Isn't that what you are supposed to do?? I found myself praying for patience and understanding for others, as I went down this road. I wonder how many people did that in return for me? I had people ask me for info (proof) and when I gave it to them, they never talked to me again. That was my cue that it was time to rebuild. It is important to surround ourselves with people that make us feel supported and valued. People come and go from our lives for a reason. I am a firm believer in this, and I don't question it. I equate it to trimming limbs off of a diseased tree.

I only want friends and neighbors that share my level of compassion and commitment to the truth. I don't want anyone in my life that lives a lie or helps perpetuate one. Lies will suffocate you if you let them. I choose to breathe. As an empath, I am super sensitive to things that most people can't see or feel. I can relate to them (that's what empaths do) but they cannot relate to me. You don't have to be an empath to have empathy for others. Just like compassion, it is a choice. I choose to be around people that have genuine empathy and want to make a difference in this world. Making a difference, in my own way, is what I was born to do. I am here, for this.

In a situation where only a handful of people were fighting for humanity (while others were either silent or fighting against them) I'm still struggling with how to find forgiveness for that. I have never been able to forgive someone that hasn't formally apologized. That is something I need to work on and pray about, but I'm not there yet. Hopefully, in time, I will be. Once everyone has to see and process what has been happening to these poor children, my anger and disappointment will make more sense. If you have any shred of feelings at all, it is going to bring you to your knees. People are going to have nervous breakdowns over the shock. We aren't talking about stealing someone's sandwich out of the office refrigerator.

Sometimes "I'm sorry" just isn't enough. Say it anyway. Better yet, take action. They say we cannot be angry if we are grateful. I cannot speak for others on this. As a human, I am angry at some of the things I've seen. At the same time, I really am trying to focus on all the things that we should be grateful for. There are so many of those! It can be a real struggle to remain positive, esp. when you are hurting. It's also hard to count your blessings when you are in shock. We have to make an effort to see ourselves as one so that we can navigate through these unchartered waters. If you give in to the division, refuse to wake up, and do not rise to the occasion, you will only hurt yourself and those around you. Life and many of the things we were taught to believe are not what we thought they were. Everyone has been hurt and affected by this.

"If people have the capacity to hate others based on lies, that means they have the capacity to love others based on the truth. Let's focus on that."


Yes, these things that have come out are unspeakable. No, they should not have taken place in today's world. But they did!! Why? Because people allowed it. Because they refused to wake up. In Satanism, they always show you and tell you. Their belief system requires that they do this. If you do not speak up or say NO to whatever they are telling you they are doing or are going to do, then they have your permission. Even if you do not understand their confusing statements, know any of their symbols or hand signals, or ways of communicating their practices. They believe that is your fault for not understanding. They told you and you didn't protest. They were born and bred to hate all of us that do not believe as they do. They raise their kids to be this way. Literally every shred of their existence is based on deception. They thrive on creating hate, chaos and division among people.

Nuremberg: Hanging doctors, nurses, and those in the media who caused countless deaths.

Once the masses wake up and see how they were lied to, they are going to demand justice. Those who were honest and did right by their fellow man have nothing to worry about.

People like me (along with millions of others worldwide) began to wake up and see what they were saying and what they were actually doing. We learned the hand signals they all show during everything from awards shows to Super Bowl Halftime performances. All of those 'events' were rituals for them. The same goes for concerts. I can't even count how many concerts I have been to. Concerts of some of the worst offenders. I loved these people, and it breaks my heart. I was an unknowing and ignorant participant at the time...Dancing around, screaming like a banshee until I lost my voice, and going home unable to hear for days because my ears were ringing. I lived for that shit! Why did they have to do this? Why did they have to ruin a good thing for so many good people? They chose to. I am still struggling to come to grips with that part. I want to clarify that not all concerts or performers are into this. Sadly, some of my personal favorites were. Some were forced into it as children (by their parents) and literally sold into the industry...Victims of an industry that gave them no choice and no way out. That is why some of them went crazy or behaved like lunatics.

Their symbolism has been in our faces all along. Fast forward to today, I could literally teach a class on this stuff. Why? Because we need to always know what our enemy is doing. Can you pray for them and help these people? No. They don't want your prayers. They only want your attention and your money. As long as they have those things, what they are doing works. Take away their audience and you take away their stage. Does that make sense? Their main purpose in life is to make you a part of their rituals. It's kind of like when a person throws a fit...If you don't react or acknowledge them, they have nowhere to go with it. Their platform disappears.

Their symbols are proudly displayed on signage, in various logos, on product packaging, and are used in commercials for everyday products that we all buy. They did not hide it. In fact, they put it out there for us all to see every single day, so that we would be conditioned to think it was OK. They did it so much that no one noticed. And that was exactly what they wanted. By the way, when they say 'God' they are not talking about the same one as you and I are. They are talking about Satan. They want you to think that they share your same beliefs, while promoting theirs. These are some sneaky folks. Calling them 'folks' is being kind. That's why waking up is so important. If everyone started noticing all of these signs and signals, we might have been able to stop this a long time ago. As a society, we will never live in peace or know true happiness as long as we have this kind of hate among us. We simply cannot allow it to exist.

"It's a big club and you ain't in it!"

~George Carlin

There is a reason I was always repulsed by red shoes. (Red anything). We don't and have never had anything red in our home or vehicles. EVER. During all my years as a makeup artist, I never wore or put red lipstick on one person. In fact, I refused to use it. While we cannot allow evil people to ruin colors for us, I can't pretend I don't know what so many of their signs and practices represent. I loved Santa Claus when I was a child, but since I became an adult, I won't buy anything with Santa on it. (That's a topic for another day). I'm not saying that everything that is the color red is bad. I'm saying there is a lot people don't know about it. Evil people like to hijack things and ruin them for the rest of us. That's what they do. And the world is simply not what it used to be. Clowns make me cringe, both the way the look and how conduct themselves. Clowns certainly have no business selling food, just like people have no business buying said food. So why do they? There is more to those energy drinks than you realize. Don't buy them. All of that is coming to light very soon. Prepare to be shell shocked. Start praying now. (Time, prayer, and possibly therapy are the only things that are going to get us through this). You are not going to like what you find out and what you've unknowingly participated in. People that you thought were normal and decent were involved in unspeakable practices. Those people's primary focus in life was to force those same practices onto the rest of us.

On a personal note, I cannot watch most TV shows. I lost interest in most movies. I stopped going to see movies at the theater many years ago. I even asked my husband to please get rid of our movie channels because I wanted to remove these people from my life (and my view) as much as possible. I'm praying these sadistic freaks don't ruin music for me. That is the part that hurts me the most. As a known song lyric and music trivia freak, I memorize things like title, year, and lyrics. I grew up in a home where we always listened to music and as an adult, there is still music playing all day in my home. Unfortunately, I really listen to these words vs. just mindlessly singing along. Some were outing themselves through their lyrics. Others were trying to tell us (or warn us) all along. Once you hear it, you get it, and the song never sounds the same. You can't go back in time and pretend that you don't know. Reading and music are the only forms of entertainment I really care about. In the spirit of honesty, I will say that I have spent a lot of money in my lifetime, going to concerts. Many of those concerts were bands and individuals that I have come to know are involved in all of this evil. I cannot change what these people did or who they were. I can only try to overcome what I have come to know and that is going to take time. I finally saw and heard what they were doing. What's even worse, I felt it. Once you see it, it never goes away. I don't know of a magical way to unsee things that upset me. The problem is, when you are the only one that sees and knows these things, it can make you feel very alone.

For several years, I walked around in silence. Then I realized what was being done to kids. And just like with my passion for helping animals, I refused to be silent. If you ever doubted someone like me, voted against them out of spite, or tried to make them feel less-than for supporting the truth, I would encourage you to apologize. It won't change how good and decent people were made to feel, but it is a step in the right direction. It is the right thing to do. In the reverse, I will be the first to say...When I am wrong, I say I'm wrong. When I owe someone an apology, I give one. I make mistakes, but I stay in learning mode at all times.

If someone tried to tell you the truth about any aspect of the deception (political lies, the vaccine, what was happening behind the scenes with children, celebrity deception, MSM, etc...) it was because they cared about you. It was because they care deeply about these issues, desperately wanted to make a difference, and were hoping you would join them. It is time for everyone to show up.

Our society as a whole is viewed as a flock of ignorant sheep. That is how 'they' see us. So are you waiting to wake up with the rest of the sheep? When the band-aid is finally ripped off and the truth is exposed to the masses in a way they cannot escape from? Or should you start doing your research now, so that you can mentally prepare yourself? People like me are tired...We are tired of waiting on those who sit there in a coma, watching the news. I have worked tirelessly, researching topics via every conceivable avenue, for years, while others sit on their ass and watch TV or play on social media. Then they have the nerve to question me? The whole world is suffering because people won't wake up. If the whole world were awake, or even a reasonable number of people would 'snap out of it' we could all move forward here. Anger works both ways. People are angry at me for being awake. I'm angry at them for being asleep. - I wasn't for the first few years, but I am now. I have been patient. Patience is not my strongpoint, but I have really tried. How much longer do I have to be patient? I'm ready to toss out a crate of marbles, turn on the firehoses, and play Wild Side! Would that wake people up?

Much like compassion, being asleep (esp. at this juncture) is a choice. People who are awake are carrying a heavy burden for everyone else. It feels like cinder blocks on your back every day. It eats you up inside because you are living in a different reality. I see people in the grocery store, at the vet's office, or even driving in their cars and I can tell who is asleep and who is awake. I can't even look at certain people. And all of this (above) is why! Shouldn't we all be on the same page? Shouldn't we all be united in the fight of good vs. evil? As human beings, shouldn't we all care about those who could not fight back or need our help? People are so busy arguing over petty things and taking many aspects of their lives for granted. Too busy to notice what was happening in the world around them. If there was ever a time to start looking around, to start questioning things that don't make sense, and making a solid effort to know the truth, it is now.

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

~William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987

Think about something for a moment. MSM gets paid a lot of money to lie to you. Then you have people like me, who dedicated full time hours (in additional to other full-time responsibilities) for years, to do all of this research, for free. I have nothing to gain by it. In fact, I have sacrificed a lot. As I truly do not have the time, but I made it happen. Why? Because I care. Because I knew I was being lied to and I wanted the truth. Do you see the difference? People that have dedicated themselves to finding the truth (and there is still so much we don't know or are not meant to know yet) do not want credit or attention. Don't bash them. Join them in a quest for knowledge. The truth is, we are all victims. Now is the time to come together and put petty differences aside. Politics are no longer important.

We need to help these children, heal our country, and make an effort every single day to be better people. Whatever we have done in the past was not working. We are very fortunate to be alive during a time when things will change for our benefit. There are so many people working hard to make it happen and keep us as safe as possible during the process. They are working around the clock to give us our lives and freedom back. It is a very difficult and sad time in many ways. Our only option is to lean on each other and stay in faith.

Look ahead to the people that are trying to help you and don't look back at the ones who only wanted to hurt you. Fuck them. Most of them are already burning in Hell anyway, which is exactly where they belong. Don't feel sorry for them. They certainly did not feel sorry for any child or animal that they tortured. They didn't feel sorry for their supporters. Always remember, they were not punished for not believing in God. They are not removed from society for being a bad person or having evil thoughts. They are taken out because of the steps they chose to take in order to achieve or maintain certain levels of status or money. Take the time to learn about what that process entails. They participate in acts (as well as eat and drink things) that would make any normal person run screaming. It's not pretty. They did things that no one with a conscience could possibly support, much less participate in.

I was a child once and so were you. Can you imagine being taken from your parents? Or having no parents? No one that cares about you or is even looking for you? Imagine how helpless you would feel to be trapped with no possible way to escape. Then evil people like these torturing you in the most barbaric ways, using you for your blood or organs. Imagine watching other children being tortured while you wait your turn, knowing there is no way out! What these poor souls have had to endure is unfathomable. If those who hurt and killed them are not executed, they wouldn't be safe anywhere but on the moon. Speaking of which, a lot of people have certainly had an interest in getting themselves to space lately. Who wants to share oxygen with people who are capable of committing such atrocities? I sure don't. I doubt you do either. We don't need this kind of evil in our lives or in our world any longer.

At this point, what difference does it make what political party you belong to? Let's all put ourselves in a category of people who simply want to live, enjoy freedom, and have a decent life. Let's try to help others who want the same. Our race is not important. We are the human race. Period. Everyone (including myself) has had to change their mentality about other people. No more egos. Everyone around us is our fellow man and neighbor. It is time to see them in a different light. Some days that can be a struggle, but we need to try. Stop hating the truth tellers. They were on your side all along, even when you hated them for it. They loved you enough to look past your hate and keep fighting anyway.

Imagine for a moment, what it would be like to know that a meteor is going to hit the Earth and no one will listen to you when you try to warn them. Imagine what it would be like to win the lottery and go around to everyone showing them your ticket, only to have them say that you are wrong and didn't win anything. It's so hard to toggle back and forth between two realities. The real one that is happening right now, today, and the one that so many find themselves still stuck in. Once you know these things, you cannot go backwards. It's like watching someone who is trying to get their Beta VCR to work. How do you communicate with people who won't go forward with you? How do you make them see this whole new world of truth and possibilities? This is something that every person who is awake struggles with.

Picture yourself being at the finish line of a marathon for weeks, months, or even years, and everyone you love and care about is miles away, refusing to move. You go back for them and try to drag them, then they lay down on the ground. You try to push them, and they start walking in the opposite direction. Then you put them on your back and try to carry them, only to have them try to knock you down. We've all heard the old phrase about dragging someone kicking and screaming. That's what it feels like to be awake and probably only a sliver of what our President and those surrounding him have felt like...Trying to get people to the finish line so that we can all be winners. Not just some of us. ALL OF US.

Hey World, It's 1776. Get ready!

You have to believe if you want to receive.

Every human being lives in their own world, based on their perception of it. We all experience life and take-in information differently. That said, just because we believe something to be true, doesn't make it true. Just because you were taught something in school or raised to believe something, doesn't make it right or correct. It seems we all have a lot to learn. If you open your heart to what is true and what is real, that is the only way we will all get through this transition. Please don't 'fight' those trying to be of service and HELP YOU. Once you see some of what those who are awake have seen, you are going to need them.

Going forward, our decision makers are going to make us part of the decision-making process. Imagine that. After all, everything they do has an effect on our lives. Our government is going to become much, much smaller. Power is being returned to the people. Our leaders will be held accountable. We need to hold ourselves accountable as well. This is a joint effort where everyone needs to participate. We need to care about what is going on in our world, every single day.

If we want to live a good life, we need to conduct ourselves like the good people we were intended to be. Being a part of this world, especially during this time, is an amazing gift. We need to be mindful to respect others, show kindness when we can, be a part of keeping a civilized society and looking at the Earth we all share a little differently. When our world as we know it changes, what will your contribution be?

*Helpful Tips ~ Most search engines like to remove the truth or hide it ten pages deep. You have to learn to work around that. 'Independent Fact Checkers' share only opinions and are usually located in foreign countries. These trolls are quite dependent on getting paid by people who are desperate to hide the truth. Their job is to dispute (often times in a hateful way) anything that is truthful or that goes against what they are told to hide. It is also their job to try to piss you off or distract you. BitChute & Telegram have endless videos as well as reading material on any and all topics mentioned here.

I don't tell other people how to think and prefer that they seek out their own information. It is best to do your own research and not ask or depend on anyone else to do it for you. Be your own source! Here are some topics (below) to get you started...To get you thinking, asking questions, scratching your head, and looking around someplace besides the TV or FB. Get yourself a cup of coffee, a few Kleenex, and keep a trashcan nearby in case you get sick...Anyone that is awake has needed all three. There are also thousands upon thousands of videos on every platform out there showing you irrefutable proof and even live footage of different events and/or various happenings to back it up.

The key to doing good and neutral research is being open to what you will find, even if doesn't align with your personal beliefs or what you thought it was supposed to be. In other words, you can't control the outcome of what you are going to find, if you are really seeking the truth. If you are afraid of something or don't want whatever illusion that was created in your mind completely destroyed, there is no point in proceeding forward. You can't worry about what other people are going to think. You are going to find things that they don't like or want to hear. Do it anyway.

If you see a video that has been removed, it was likely over the target. Look for another with a similar topic. Truthful videos that are exposing something are the ones that are censored. (Just like people trying to share the truth have been censored). Depending on where your interest lies, you can go down whatever rabbit holes you choose. Each topic will take you to other ones. That is how this works. No one can possibly know everything, but I believe we all have an obligation to TRY to know as much as we can. The truth will set you free. Literally. Do not pay for information. The truth costs nothing but your time and effort.

Do not waste time on anyone requesting donations in exchange for intel or secret info. If you found something that they shared (for free) to be of value, they probably had to work to find it. I believe it's OK to donate to people like that. There is a big difference between putting up a donation link and asking for donations. Does that make sense? If they have a sponsor or are selling merchandise, that's likely how they make a living. I don't fault them for that. Many people have quit their jobs or gave up their careers to do research and expose the truth, full time. (MSM certainly isn't doing it, so someone has to). Avoid grifters and pray for discernment.

Some advice to help you:

You have to be willing to accept the fact that you have been lied to your whole life.

You have to be willing to start over.

You have to be willing to change.

Once you accept that, everything else will start making sense.

Be open to new information. It's out there.

Don't let anyone or anything deter you in your quest for the truth.

Pray hard every time you do a search.

I'm sending you a *virtual hug* of support because this research is not for the weak.

What are Panda Eyes?

What is The Black Eye Club?

What was Skull & Bones?

What acts were carried out by those who belonged to this group?

What is the maximum temperature of jet fuel?

What temperature is required to melt steel beams?

What happened to Building 7?

Why are kids being rescued out of tunnels?

Why were all the tunnels in DC (and numerous other locations worldwide) flooded once they were emptied?

Why did GF have a Level 33 Mason tattoo on his chest?

Why did they put him in an ambulance full of state troopers and no paramedics?

Why was his casket over a foot too short, based on his height?

How do you choke a rubber mannequin with no legs, to death?

Why was Derek Chauvin at The Boston Bombing & Sandy Hook?

Why was his IMDb profile taken down the day after the GF incident?

Why was the same 'crying' woman present at four separate crisis events, including the aforementioned ones?

Which President was she pictured with, after all of these events?

Why did was AB carried headfirst down the flight of stairs in The Capitol Building?

Why was there no crime scene or investigation after that incident?

Why did everyone go right back to work as if it didn't happen?

Why were the 10,000 NG's that The President ordered sent away before Jan 6?

Who sent them away?

Who is Ray Epps?

Why did the fencing around The Capitol Building have razor wire across the top & handles on the outside?

Why did The Masked Resident sign all of those blank EO's with the wrong hand?

Why have The White House & Naval Observatory Home been vacant since January?

Whose signature is on Uranium One? (it's available for anyone who looks for it)

What is The Insurrection Act?

When (approximated time frame) was it signed?

What is Bohemian Grove?

Who are all the people that have been there?

Why has the IRS been illegally taxing our paychecks for our entire lives?

Where was that money funneled to?

Why are there currently chains on the door of the IRS building now?

Why do celebrities and the elite cover one eye in most of their pictures?

Why were so many of them friends with Marina Abramovic?

Why was she on Evergreen's payroll?

What year was The Vril Society founded?

How does someone get Kuru?

What do the symptoms look like?

Who was Aleister Crowley?

Did he have any kids?

Who wrote a song about him?

What was Operation Fountainpen?

Who was a part of it?

Why was the 'Inauguration' you saw in Jan filmed in advance & not in DC?

Why was the gun salute for that occasion the same as the one used at a funeral?

Why is there no visible leadership right now?

Why are diamonds Israel's biggest export when they have no diamond mines? (Think, folks!!)

Why are there so many inverted celebrities?

Why so many MTF & FTM marriages?

Why are there so many 'female' actors, musicians & athletes with an Adonis belt?

Why are there so many 'males' without one?

Why are all of these males suddenly wearing pearls, nail polish, and butterflies?

Why do so many celebrities 'flip' their kids to be a different gender, other than how they were born?

What belief system/religion requires the switching of genders, starting at birth?

What the secret behind Victoria's Secret?

What are moon bumps?

What's up with the fake helicopter crashes and car wrecks?

Who was Tim Osman?

What was Extortion 17?

What company owns ALICE?

What is it used for?

Why is The Vatican full of Satanic symbolism, right down to The Pope's shoes?

Why are so many celebrities also seen wearing those same shoes?

What are those shoes actually made of?

Why do both the interior and exterior of The Vatican (Pope's audience hall) resemble a snake's head?

Why did the DNC replicate an exact model of it? (do a side-by-side comparison)

What does a public Satanic ritual look like?

Can you identify one when you see it?

Have you ever unknowingly been to one or watched one on TV? (If you are alive, YES).

What types of churches practice these same rituals?

What companies uses Satanic symbolism in their logos?

What major companies help traffic children using their own websites?

What number does the McD sign show when you turn it sideways?

What is CERN?

Who created it and why?

How many times did Biden say the "N word" while on the Senate floor? (Hint: It rhymes with hate).

What was The Tuskagee Experiment and who were the victims?

How many animals died in the in vax/bioweapon experiments? Better yet, how many lived?

How much of your tax dollars were spent to fund these barbaric experiments on God's creatures?

How many versions of Fauci are being used right now? (I have counted 5).

Why did he force gender change hormones & HIV experiments on monkeys?

What year did he create HIV?

Why are ingredients called Lucifer/ase & Lucifer/en in these vaccines?

Why are doctors pushing people so hard on vaccines they know are dangerous?

What is The Sunshine Act?

Has your doctor received any payments from Big Pharma? (You can look it up in seconds).

How many people have died because doctors and MSM lied to them?

What was Operation Paperclip?

What was the book The Eyes of Darkness by Dean Koontz (1981) about?

What does COVFEFE actually stand for? (Hint: It was NOT a typo, but a deliberate action).

What is HAARP?

How long has it been in existence?

How is it used to create hurricanes, harsh weather events, esp. on islands?

What is the role of The Red Cross when they show up to those islands after the hurricanes?

What do they do with all the blood that is donated to them?

Why do so many celebrities & politicians have illegally adopted children from these islands or third world countries?

What happened to all the girls at the school that Oprah opened for them?

And what role does OWN play in NWO?

Why was Ricky Gervais Golden Globes 2020 monologue so significant?

Why are so many celebrities wearing surgical boots over the last few years?

Why are both husband & wife couples wearing them at the same time?

Why did The Resident & his wife have on surgical boots, yet favor the wrong foot?

Why does the AF-1 you are seeing right now have a window on the door?

Why does DJT still have the real AF-1, a full Presidential motorcade, and the football phone?

What is Project Blue Beam?

What is Mockingbird Media?

What is NASA's real purpose?

What do they actually use our tax dollars for?

Why is there a movie studio on their campus?

Why have both Hollywood & DC turned into ghost towns?

Why are all WH press conferences filmed on a sound stage in Culver City or Atlanta?

Why is the real rose garden shown (live) to be empty when MSM was telling you a press conference was being held there?

Why is the media so obsessed with the number 33?

What is the significance of that number for Freemasons?

What steps does one have to take to reach the highest ranking of 33?

Why does Ghislaine Maxwell have both her helicopter & submarine license?

Why was she photographed with Jon Benet Ramsey?

Why were there composite sketches showing both Podestas & GM when Madelaine McCann was kidnapped?

What is Jeffrey Epstein's current status?

What is John McAfee's current status?

What is Isaac Kappy's current status?

Why did the FBI do nothing with the content on Hunter Biden's laptop? For years?

What was on Anthony Weiner's laptop?

Who was involved in the acts that were stored in said laptop?

Why did every police officer who saw its content end up in therapy or dead?

Whose email said they needed a hammer to 'sacrifice a chicken' for Moloch? (chicken = child)

What is Frazzledrip?

Why have so many celebrities worn clothing with that picture on it?

Why did Lady Gaga wear a Frazzledrip costume?

Who was Michael LaVaughn Robinson?

What happened to the person that called him out?

Why did Renegade create the slogan 6uild 6ack 6etter?

What was the real reason for Obamacare? (Hint: It had nothing to do with healthcare at all).

Why are so many CEO's & high-ranking government officials resigning at warp speed?

What does 'tested positive' or 'exposed to COVID' really mean when it's a famous person?

Do doctors & MSM remember what happened in The Nuremberg Trials?

Have you familiarized yourself with The Nuremberg Code of Ethics?

What are DUMBS?

What was under The Getty Museum?

What were the tunnels under The Playboy Mansion used for?

Why was the set of The Ellen Show a duplicate of The Temple on Epstein's Island?

Why did she wear Frazzledrip clothing?

What happened to The Gates in India, 2013?

What does Ancestry say about their present status?

What was the role of Gates' father regarding Planned Parenthood?

What does PP do with all of the fetuses?

Why are there meat (and meatless/veg meat) processing facilities (strategically placed) near several of their facilities?

What was the real purpose of that organization?

What was Mother Theresa's role in child trafficking?

What happened to the children Queen Elizabeth took on a picnic in 1964?

What year were the Royal Crests removed from the gates on Buckingham Palace?

How long has said palace been empty and abandoned?

What do you know about The Tavistock Institute?

How far back does it go?

What is MK Ultra?

Why do the people who have been through this programming require handlers?

Why are so many young people in the entertainment industry controlled by it?

Why do their parents do nothing to stop it or intervene, early on? (Think hard on this one).

Why are these people always sticking their tongues out & covering one eye when their pics are taken?

Why do celebrities frequently talk about pizza, pizza parties, or post pics of themselves eating pizza or pasta?

Why do they so the same with ice cream?

What do the different ice cream flavors mean?

What are the pedo symbols that represent a boy or girl?

What are the code words used to represent a boy or girl?

Why do so many celebrities post these symbols on social media or even wear jewelry showing them?

Have you noticed that some of these celebs you are seeing look way younger than their age, with almost rubbery, pore-less skin?

Do you really believe that you are looking at the real person?

What is Nesara/Gesara?

Why are banks pretending not to know what this is?

Why are they doing weird things with people's money/bank accounts w/ no explanation?

What is Cognitive Dissonance?

When did DC become a foreign entity?

Why was the Corporation of America dissolved?

When was the new Declaration of Independence signed?

How many Pagan statues does The Vatican have?

How many hidden catacombs & sacrificial rooms?

Which megachurches or pastors are actually pushing Satanism through deception?

What is CGI or green screen?

What are holograms?

How have they been used to trick people?

What is the connection between the movie The Shining and NASA?

Why did most of the people working there in the 60s have a German accent?

Have you ever noticed the strong hints on this website, indicating who is still alive?

What is the significance behind the EO's 13818, 13848, 13959? (Hint: They are going to change all of our lives).

Why are the physical & mental effects of toxic fluoride in drinking water?

Who funds the CDC?

Who gave the orders in an email to make us wear masks, to feel safer?

What is the status of that person (or persons) today?

What is 6506148b2?

What was the primary purpose of Operation Warp Speed?

Who owns the island next to Epstein's?

Why are there submarines to go back and forth between the two?

Why do most elites want their own island?

What are the names (public flight logs) of all the elites/celebrities that have visited Epstein Island?

What went on in the temple of this island?

How many celebrities own islands?

What is The TerraMar Project?

Who is John Durham?

Did you read GEORGE Feb 1997 Edition?

What was the article Platform 2020 about?

Which televised event allows for the biggest human trafficking day of the year?

Why are Military tribunals not held on U.S. soil?

Why were there between 200,000-300,000 indictments? Possibly way, way more?

What is Senomyx?

What are the names of the company owners/world leaders who participated in the World Economic Foreign w/ Klaus Schwab?

What did he teach his students to do in their respective roles?

Who benefited/profited from The Pandemic?

Who suffered the most from it?

What is Devolution?

What is Space Force?

What part of "We Have Everything" is not clear?

Who is our VP?

What historic, life changing event took place on January 24, 2021 at 2:08am?

Who went into hiding to help us and save humanity?

Why did they do it?

Did you know it was possible to 'kill off' a name without killing the person attached to it?

Do you have any idea how many famous people have done this? (I have four pages of names, but there are probably more).

What televised event were most of them present at in 2018? (They were literally front & center).

Don't you want to hear their stories?

Where is your gratitude and appreciation for them?

Are you awake yet?

"I was a child once and so were you."

Dear Neighbor,

Aren't we all neighbors?

I started writing this blog before the other ones, saving my notes along the way.

It is my small way of trying to make a difference.

My apologies in advance if you find any errors or typos in it.

I lost count of how many times my words or pictures have been deleted.

There were sentences that ended up in paragraphs where they don't belong, and paragraphs moved around.

Today I found that one of my sentences had been repeated dozens of times, in different fonts.

I have gotten notifications that someone else was 'working on this blog' while I was logged in and writing.

It's like spending months painting a fence and every morning you find that someone sprayed graffiti on it, and you have to start all over. It was and continues to be pretty disheartening. If it shows that I have 'updated' it again, I'm not updating anything.

I'm simply putting it back the way it was originally.

Keep in mind, I pay a monthly fee for my website and have since 2008.

It is an information-only site that generates zero income for me.

I don't want anything from anyone, and I cannot stress this enough.

It exists because I care. Period.

Based on my own extensive research, this is my understanding of events.

I spent months/years checking, rechecking, and comparing older notes.

Your interpretation might be different and that's OK.

You might find something that I didn't. This is how we learn.

The point is to at least try. I will admit that I have not been able to even scratch the surface here in reference to what I've shared. If I typed nonstop for the rest of my life, I couldn't possibly share it all. That's where you come in. Start researching and connecting the dots. Remember, it's not a conspiracy theory if there is proof. And there is plenty of proof for those who look. Everyone should be looking!

To those who have been awake and hurting this whole time, I hope I spoke for you in a way that makes you feel both heard and understood.

Not only am I awake, but I'm an empath. A gifted one. I get it. The pain is real.

I hope the friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues and even strangers that doubted you will now have some idea of how all of this made you feel.

They have no idea how hard you have worked or what you have had to endure to get here. Keep fighting.

Keep moving forward. You are doing the right thing. Don't let anyone discourage you or break you.

Pray for others to have a change of heart and join you.

The truth does not need anyone's permission in order to exist.

God Bless You & Yours.


"I was awake when being awake wasn't cool."

*Thank you Scotty, DarkKnight, Pray4America, Catturd, & Whiplash.

It wasn't a typo. MSM just told you it was.

People didn't take even 10 seconds to look it up to see what it meant.

Perhaps they should have.

I'm down with The King. And you will be too!

Do your research on this. Are you still in 3D?

5D, not 5G.

Fortune from Feb 20, 2022

People that did not support our President are going to be deeply ashamed, once they see what he was fighting for...And against. People that voted for him and walked away are going to wish they hadn't. This is a man who always gave everyone his unconditional support. Former Patriots are going to regret not giving him the same. So many who were impatient, abandoned this movement, unwilling to stay the course and see it through to the end...Or the beginning.

"Are you kidding? I was with you all the time. That was beautiful!"

~ Lex Luthor to Superman

Superman ll

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