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The Reasons Cruelty-Free Products Are So Important

Updated: May 20, 2021

Years ago, the whole cruelty-free living thing wasn't as popular as it is now. Big companies have since taken notice that compassionate people have money to spend. Those people are going to spend their money on the products they need and use every day. They are not going to buy products tested on animals. It's just a matter of companies making the decision, "Do we want these customers or not?" I, for one, am very grateful for the companies that create cruelty-free products. It shows they are listening and that they care about what people are asking for. I am even more grateful for the ones that did this when there wasn't as much of a demand for it and during a time when most people didn't know or care what "cruelty-free" meant. I appreciate them not only honoring the wishes and lifestyle choices of millions of people like me, but they are also choosing to protect the lives of millions of our animal friends at the same time. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

This is a win-win for all and proof that our society is evolving in some ways.

One typically doesn't decide to go cruelty-free and then change their mind. It's a permanent lifestyle change because it changes your whole mentality. Once you get there, going backwards just doesn't make sense.

Being cruelty-free makes you more mindful in general. Once you make the connection that your daily choices have such a huge impact, you become more aware of everything you do and buy. It's kind of like how being Vegan makes you a more thoughtful person in general. How does it make you more thoughtful? You have to put thought into everything you eat, do, and buy because other people are not going to do it for you. It's all on you. For those that 'get it' they don't see this as an inconvenience or sacrifice.

Your daily choices can help save so many lives, possibly even your own. With this, comes the peace of mind one cannot put a price on. You have the gift of knowing you are doing the best you can on behalf of animals and your efforts are making a difference.

LOOK for this logo and support the companies that have it.

Think about all the nameless, faceless animals locked in cages that go through daily pain and suffering for random products. They are put through excruciating experiments and ongoing terror, then killed when they are not longer of use. More times than not, these animals are thrown away like garbage while still alive. After soul-less people smear mascara or shampoo in their eyes until they burn like fire/disintegrate or force them to swallow harsh chemicals (meant for external use only) until they vomit blood nonstop, they are usually denied the courtesy of euthanasia. These animals are born and used only for this purpose. What kind of life is that for any of God's creatures? And why would any decent human being be OK with this? Google pictures of 'animal testing' and you will see the look of pain and hopelessness on all of their faces. Close your eyes and put yourself in their place for a few minutes. If you want to do right by them, choose to buy cruelty-free products only. It doesn't take any more effort or time on your part. Animals that cannot speak for themselves are depending on people like you and me to demand change on their behalf.

No animal should ever suffer for our beauty. Truly beautiful people would never support something like this.

Think about all the commercials you see on TV from pharmaceutical companies. They are some of the worst offenders when it comes to animal testing and cruel experiments...Experiments that are supposed to ensure our safety. Months or years later, there are class action lawsuits (for some of these drugs) where people are sick or even died because it seems the drug was actually unsafe for people. It is pointless to test drugs on animals because that doesn't always guarantee they will be safe for humans. If these companies want to test their drugs on someone, they should use people. Why not use death row inmates? The animals never hurt anyone. The same cannot be said for the inmates. At least that would make sense.

"Millions like me are depending on you to buy cruelty-free products."

Not all companies that perform animal testing are good with receiving or responding to communication. With businesses, the best way to communicate is with your wallet and by dropping them a quick email. Tell them why you are not going to buy their products and that you will only purchase cruelty-free products. (Please be polite when doing this). Simply not buying from them is not enough. You have to tell them why. Remember, if you don't buy it, they can't sell it! If you start buying the same product from a cruelty-free company and then other people you associate with do the same thing, this is how we create change. The momentum that compassionate consumers are creating is not going to stop. The companies that continue to test are going to lose sales and start trying to figure out how to regain that business.

Lives are on the line here. If you can buy a lipstick that is cruelty-free vs. one that is not, I hope you heart will steer you towards buying the one that saves lives...Every time. As someone that spent years as a makeup artist and esthetician, I can tell you that the cruelty-free products are almost always the better ones, quality wise. That company not only operates with a conscience, but they took the time to pay for over 40 different tests to make sure their products were safe for your use. You can download several free apps for your phone that will tell you which companies test and which ones don't. These apps can make shopping a breeze. If you would prefer to not use an app, their are shopping cruelty-free sites you can save to your phone or computer. They list cruelty-free products in alphabetical order and they also have a separate list for the products you are trying to avoid. As I type this, there is is an app being beta tested by Amazon shoppers (like me) that helps them to locate only the cruelty-free products.

Lastly, if you like a product or a company that is not cruelty-free, tell them why you like their product. (Perhaps it's a decent product, they just haven't evolved yet). But, your beliefs and values simply won't allow you to purchase from them any longer until they officially stop testing on animals. As in, they have the Leaping Bunny seal on their label or provide any other official certification to show they are in fact cruelty-free. Ask them if they have a timeline in place as to when they plan on putting an end to their animal testing or use of animal products? If you get a response that seems rather vague or uses words of trickery that don't give a clear direction on their part, there is your answer. They don't intend to change. However, if you get a response that gives you an approximate date or business plan for going cruelty-free, please tell them thank you. There is no need to go back and forth. A simple "thank you, I will be looking at my cruelty-free shopping app and hope to see your company's name soon" or something to that effect. For the Love of God, please do not be rude. Don't come across as some kind of loony activist. If you want to help bring people around to your way of thinking, it is important to communicate with intelligence and be as polite as possible.

Beagles are often used in animal testing because they are so cooperative and won't fight back. Their sweet nature is taken advantage of.

***Helpful Tip: If a company says they are cruelty-free, but sells their products in China, they are NOT cruelty-free. China requires that all products be tested on animals. So being cruelty-free here, while allowing animal testing/animal ingredients there, means they are not cruelty-free. They are just labeling their products differently for this country. You will also run across companies that pay other sources to do animal testing for them, so they can claim to be cruelty-free. Don't worry. The cruelty-free shopping guides and apps have your back. When this happens, it doesn't go on for long and a company will be removed from the good list and placed on the bad one. It will also be noted that they were trying to deceive compassionate consumers. If in doubt about any company at any time, do your research.

It all starts with you.


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